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08-08-2012, 11:24 PM
I have three tall stacks of air race-related magazines on my kitchen table, and a very patient wife I might add. I have hand-written many descriptions of the articles but have lacked the strength and focus at the computer to type up my notes this last week. I only have three typed up so far. I get too bogged down with the details I'm sure.

Starting chronologically with the the articles covering Cleveland in the
1946-49 period and working toward the present, here are the first three of MANY to follow. I will try to be more brief so as to get more coming soon.
I have a 10-yr. old daughter-maybe I should hire her at a commission to do the typing...

I do have my wife's Paypal account available now if that is your preferred way to go. Let me know.

Item# AC1072 Air Classics October 1972 (Very Good Condition) The World’s Wildest Air Race “…of thirteen starters (for the 1947 Thompson Trophy Race) only six finished. Four racers crashed, one man died, and only a miracle averted a tragedy of even greater proportion". This, about a 5-1/2 page article. Good articles also on PB4Y Privateers in Naval service. The Italian AF in Russia; “The Vampires of China Lake.”; Aerial Gunnery training in AT-6’s; & 2 other articles. $4.00

Item# AP0190 Airpower January 1990 (Very Good Condition) “RACING UNLIMITED! – A Forty Year Review of Air Racing from Cleveland in 1948cto Reno in 1988!” This article is 18 pages from p.20 thru p.37 with no ads). Photos include a 2-page spread of “THE GALLOPING GHOST” in 1948; P-39 #11; P-63 #55;P-38 #64; P-63 #65; P-51D #21; P-51D #37; F2G #94; a small pic of P-38 #3; and the start of the 1947 Thompson at the home pylon with seven racers in the photo. Also 10 photos of racers from 1939 back. Color photos of 1988 Unlimited racers (most about 1/3-page size) including #09 Griffon P-51(2); Tsunami; #13 P-38 (2); #9 Leeward Air Ranch Special; P-51D #25; XF8F-1 #14: Yak #101: Dreadnought: Furias: Stiletto (with Crocker’s #6 P-51 landing in background) Rare Bear; Mr. Awesome (R-3350 Yak); P-51D Miss Ashley; P-40 #17; Strega: Vendetta (rare shot of it taxiing); and one B&W of #1 Super Corsair. Two pages (include) have separated very cleanly from binding – no tears. Other articles on Vought OS2U Kingfisher & Barling Bombers. $6.00

Item# AT152 Air Trails January 1952 (Very Good Condition) Article: “Speed Merchants” has 22 midget racer photos and five 3-view drawings of midget racers at the 1951 Detroit races. Cover painting shows #16 Shoestring leading #1 “Bonzo” and #94 “Little Mike”. Article also has two photos of F-86 #2, 100-km record winner and Col. Fred Ascani, its pilot. Midget racers shown include #42, #87 (a pusher), #14 “Little Gem”, #8, #47, #1, #5, #9, #92 “Rivets”, #31 “Skeeter”, #67, #11, #3 “Little Toni”, #16 “Shoestring”, #46, #20 “Buster”, #94, #27, #97, #4, #74, and #15. Pages 24 & 25 have 10 drawings of Schneider Trophy Racers. Page 26-27 has a large 2-page spread artist concept (with cutaway visuals) of the Hughes Flying Boat (Spruce Goose or H-4 Hercules) with Atomic Power driving its eight propellers! Then a 3-page article for building a wooden model of Art Chester’s Jeep racer. Magazine still has its subscription postcard inserts (60-years old) and is in great shape for its age. The front cover at the bottom is blemished by an old mailing label that was peeled off leaving much of the white sticker residue. $6.00

If you want to "secure" any now, but wait as the list grows to make a lump purchase that is fine. Let me know. Will do all I can to get a ton of descriptions typed up and on here by Saturday night...

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Jeezus Lowell... Try to go easy on yourself.. your situation tears me up inside... I remember when I got my diagnosis.... survival rate was pretty reasonable.. I can't begin to imagine if that "you have cancer" diagnosis, when it hit me, if they'd have said that I'd probably not make it through it..

Screw the odds Lowell... just be your usual ornery self, just beat hell out of the stinkin' odds!

I know I'm going to see you at Reno this year...

Saying "hang in there" is so inapropriate... I'm at a loss for words...

"May the force be with you"...

PM me location details for your visit to Reno..