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"Shape of Things To Came"

In an era when most airplanes were still made of either wood, or tube and fabric, Mr. Howard Robard Hughes had a vision. His vision: Make an airplane far advanced than any before it, an airplane that no one, particularly the United States Government, would turn their backs on.

It did not turn out quite that way for Hughes.

Though the airplane was "technically" a raceplane, and Hughes used it to set several records, it represented much more to the fledgling Hughes Aircraft Company. The "Hughes Racer" H-1 was built to serve as a technology test bed for Hughes and his development team, it served them well. Many aerodynamic and mechanical innovations were developed on the H-1. It had range and speed beyond anything before it.

The airplane and Mr. Hughes certainly caught the eye of the public but unfortunately, the United States Military was not quite as impressed with the advances that the Hughes Racer represented... and the rest, as they say, is history.

On Friday, September 13, 2002. Jim Wright of Cottage Grove, Oregon, brought this amazing creation back into the public eye once again when he broke the weight category speed record in the Hughes Racer Replica seen here in these photos.

Certainly, the original Hughes Racer was all the "buzz" when Hughes flew it in the 1930's, even more certainly, when Jim Wright began flying this recreation of the Hughes H-1, (note: the "replica" is so exact in its construction that the FAA has given it the designation of serial number 02) it has become the "buzz" airplane of today.

Virtually every major aviation publication has carried at least one story about the airplane, and thanks to a very generous Hughes Racer Team, who allowed us this opportunity in August 2002 for these Air to Air shots, some of those stories featured photographs taken by AAFO.COM's Wayne Sagar.

We at AAFO.COM would like to offer a very special thanks to Jim and Betty Wright, Ron Englund and all of the members of the Hughes Racer Team for their generosity of time, their hospitality and for providing the photo plane used in this session over the farmland of Oregon USA!

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