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"Dances With Clouds"

This week we feature a photograph taken of a racer, by a racer: Biplane Racer, Jeff Lo ("Miss Diane") captures Ocala, Florida, resident, Jimmy Leeward passing home pylon at the 2002 National Championship Air Races in his nearly "stock" North American P-51, "Cloud Dancer".

On the list of all-time Air Race fan favorites, Jimmy Leeward would surely rank near the top. From nearly the beginning of the current era of Air Racing, Leeward has graced the very competitive skies in everything from his P-51 "Cloud Dancer", to his super sleek modified P-51, "Specter/Leeward Air Ranch Special", his immaculate MiG-17, to the L-39 "Firecat" that he raced in the inaugural "Jet Class" race at Reno 2002 and nearly everything in-between!

Jimmy never fails to thrill Air Race fans, no matter what he flies and the 2002 edition of the NCAR (National Championship Air Races) was no exception. Leeward won the Bronze championship on Sunday, September 14, by posting a very respectable 352.719 MPH (Randy Bailey flying Hawker Sea Fury "September Pops" posted a 385.917MPH speed, finishing first but elected to "bump" up to the Silver finals)

Jimmy has not raced his "other" plane, affectionately known by most veteran Air Race fans as "LARS" (Leeward Air Ranch Special) an airplane with a very colorful Air Racing history (formerly Cleveland era racer "Galloping Ghost") in several years but he has high hopes of securing sufficient sponsorship to return the airplane to competition in the near future.

For more information on "Jimmy Leeward And His Airplanes", read this 2000 feature.

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